Open Burning Permits

Are you planning on doing an open burn?  You will likely need a Burn Permit.  Open Burning Rules & Regulations can be found on Maine State’s website.

Online Application

Burn Permits can be purchased online for $7.00 on the Maine Burn Permit System website.

In-Person Application

You can also request a Burn Permit through the Town Fire Department at no cost.

Burning Permits Issued By:

Robert Genthner: 563-3502
Jon Pinkham: 563-2275

Jim Hall: 563-5225
Josh Pinkham: 563-1513
John Roberts: 380-6880

*Please Note:  Permits will not be issued on Class 4 or higher Fire Danger Days.  The current fire danger can be found online on the Maine Forest Service's Wildlife Danger Report.