Committee Duties


Under the Town’s Harbor Management Ordinance, the Town’s Harbor Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Overseeing and planning the general operation of the activities on and in the Damariscotta River and Great Salt Bay including defining channels and their boundary lines in harbors and waterways;
  • Providing guidance in assigning suitable portions of harbors and other coastal and tidal waters for anchorages, mooring districts, town docking facilities and aquaculture sites;
  • Proposing regulations for uses of the waterways, navigation lanes, anchorage areas, town docking facilities and moorings districts;
  • Overseeing the duties of the Harbor Master in the implementation of the provisions of the Ordinance;
  • Adopting written policies and procedures to facilitate administration of the Ordinance;
  • Making recommendations for balancing the enhancement of harbor facilities with the conservation of natural, cultural and aesthetic resources for the long-range benefit of all stakeholders;
  • Assuring public participation in deliberations and recommendations to the Board of Selectmen with four meetings per calendar year, one each quarter, with all meetings open to the public and following due public notice.