Event Date: 
Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 10:00am
The Department of Marine Resources has granted Shellfish Licenses for 2020 to the Towns of Damariscotta and Newcastle as follows:
  • Resident Commercial            18                         
  • Non-Resident Commercial    14
  • Resident Recreational            35
  • Non-Resident Recreational    10
WHEN:   Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 10AM
WHERE: All licenses will be sold at the Damariscotta Town Office at 21 School St Damariscotta
There is no conservation required to obtain a 2019 Commercial license.
Grandfathered commercial licenses will be available for purchase starting on
 Tuesday, May 26th  at 10:00 AM.  Due to the current Governor’s orders regarding COVID-19, Please call the Town Office to make an appointment to purchase your grandfathered license.
Any applicant who purchased a 2019 Commercial shellfish license for Damariscotta / Newcastle prior to 09/02/19 is eligible to purchase a grandfathered license for 2020 until Monday, June 1st  at 5:30PM.
If eligible applicants present at 10AM on June 2nd outnumber the number of licenses available, a lottery will be held immediately.
*Applicants must complete a written application and provide proof of residency and identification. Please call the Damariscotta Town Office with any questions.  563-5168.