UPDATED** AS OF 07/16/2021**

Due to emergency flood closures, it has been necessary to update the dates of harvest.

Please be advised that Spinney Creek Shellfish, Inc. may be conducting harvesting activites in your town(s).  The following information is provided as required by the Department of Marine Resources.  Licensed harvesters please take note of the following:

  • HARVEST DATE(S):                   Saturday, July 17, Monday, July 19, Tuesday July 20, and Wednesday, July 21, 2021;
  •                                                           weather, tides and market conditions permitting.
  • HARVEST LOCATION:               Sheepscot River, Newcastle & Alna
  • GROWING AREA:                        WN R. 1 (formerly 21-A, B:1)
  • MEETING LOCATION:               Wiscasset Town Landing
  • MEETING TIME:                           3 hours before low tide
  • AUTHORIZED REP CONTACT:               446-4518
Any change in schedule will be disseminated through theis same process or any other means to provide effective notice as s oon as possible.  Interested harvesters are advised to provide their contact information to the Authorized Representative in the event of changes.
Unvaccinated harvesters and other personnel are expected to follow Covid-19 precauthions including:
  • Keep at least six feet of distance between you an others
  • Wear a mask when phisical distancing is not possible
  • Wear gloves
  • Wash hands often or use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available
  • Avoid surfaces that are touched often, such as rails, posts, handles and tie off cleats