Motor Vehicle Registration

Excise tax is required to be paid on all vehicles, and some boats, in the municipality in which you reside.  These funds stay within your municipality.  In order to re-register a vehicle, please bring proof of insurance, your old registration and current mileage.

To register a new vehicle made through a dealership sale, you will need to bring the blue copy of the title application, proof of insurance, current mileage and proof that sales tax has been paid.  (A brand new car will also require the window sticker from the dealership.)

For a person-to-person vehicle sale, you are required to bring a bill of sale with the date of sale, year, make, model, vehicle identification number, and dollar amount paid.  If the car is a 1995 or newer you must have the title from the previous owner, with the backside filled out.

*The State of Maine does not send reminder notices for renewal registrations.

Voter Registration

New residents may register to vote at any time during the year, even on Election Day!  Proof of identity and residency is required at time of registration.  Elections are held in the Municipal Building at 21 School St., with polling hours from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Boat/ATV/Snowmobile Registration

Damariscotta processes new and renewal boat registrations.  For ‘new-to-you’ boat registrations, please bring in a clean bill of sale, and ME registration numbers if boat was previously registered in Maine.  Sales tax will be collected at time of registration unless purchased through a dealership.  If purchased from a dealership, please bring in a bill of sale from the dealer.  All boat registrations expire on December 31st.

In addition to processing vehicle and boat registrations, we also process registrations for ATVs and snowmobiles.  A bill of sale will be needed in order to complete a new-to-you registration.  You will also be required to pay sales tax at time of registration unless purchased through a dealership.  All snowmobile and ATV registrations expire on June 30th.