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State and Municipal Elections are held at the Town Office located at 21 School Street.  The Town of Damariscotta holds their Municipal Election on the 2nd Tuesday in June.  There is usually a State Election on this day as well. Damariscotta's Annual Town Meeting is held on the Wednesday evening following the June election. Please do not hesitate to contact the Town office with any questions or concerns.

  • New voter registration cards will be required by voters who's address or name has changed or does not match the address or name on the list when checking in to vote.
  • If you are enrolled in a party but want to change parties, you must make that change by filling out a new voter registration card no later than 15 days prior to Election Day.  Please have ID available. 
  • If you are currently unenrolled (not enrolled in a specific party), Effective January 1, 2024, the State of Maine is transitioning to a semi-open primary state.  This means that if you are not enrolled in a party you have the option to choose 1 party's ballot you would like to vote in a primary.
  • NEW: Effective February 1, 2024, citizens can register to vote online HERE.

Click HERE to complete a Voter Registration Card & bring or mail it to the Town Office at 21 School Street, Damariscotta, ME  04543


  • Tuesday, November 5, 2024 - Presidential General Election 

    • Request for Absentee Ballots begins 08/07/2024. SEE BELOW FOR INFO ON HOW TO REQUEST YOUR BALLOT.

You may request an Absentee Ballot up to 90 days prior to Election Day.  Your requested ballot will be mailed to you at an address you specify on the request form.  Ballots are available to be mailed approximately 30 days prior to Election Day.  If you would like to request an Absentee Ballot you may:

  • Call the Town Office at (207) 563-5168 to request one by phone

  • Come into the Town Office at 21 School Street, during regular office hours (M-T-TH 7:30am-5pm; W 1pm-5pm)

  • If it's a State Election, go online to the State of Maine's Absentee Ballot Request Service (available 90 days prior to election only)

  • Print the Application for Absentee Ballot & return it by mail, drop box, or by dropping it at the Town Office in person

  • NEW: Effective February 1, 2024, registered voters may apply for Ongoing Absentee Ballot Status. 

    • State election law provides that a voter who will be at least 65 years of age by the next election or who self-identifies as having a disability may apply for ongoing absentee voter status.  Voters wishing to apply for this status must do so in writing using this FORM.  Forms MUST be originally signed by voter and submitted to the Municipal Clerk.  Voters must provide a telephone number and/or email address so that the voter can be notified in the event of a change in status or question regarding ballot received. Voters under this status will no longer need to request an absentee ballot each election, they will automatically receive an absentee ballot for each ensuing statewide election, municipal election and any other election for which they are entitled to vote
      • A voter's Ongoing Absentee Voting Status may only be terminated by the Clerk or the Secretary of State upon:
        • written request of the voter
        • death or other disqualification of the voter
        • cancelation of the voter's registration record in the central voter registration system 
        • moving / registering to vote in new municipality (voter must re-apply in new municipality)
        • return of an absentee ballot as undeliverable
        • failure of the voter to vote by absentee ballot for a general election
        • designation of the voter's status as inactive in the central voter registration system






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Absentee Ballots become available approximately 30 days before the election.  Request an Absentee Ballot by: 

  • calling the Town Office at 563-5168

  • clicking HERE to request a ballot be sent to you 

  • come by in person.


Secretary of State's Office has just released this link to help residents track the status of your absentee ballot.  Check it out HERE!

Click HERE for more information on Ranked-choice Voting to visit the RCV resource page.

Click HERE for a message from Secretary Matthew Dunlap on Elections Security.

Click HERE for Guidance on Campaign Signs from Maine Department of Transportation.